What I am doing to minimise the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic...

I am aware of the impact of this ongoing health crisis and I would like to assure clients that I am dedicated to helping during these difficult times. I am continuing to offer my best in practice Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to both existing clients and people reaching out to me for help for the first time. My working arrangements have been updated due to Covid-19 and all my sessions have been conducted remotely since March 2020.

As a therapist I had always resisted working remotely as I had never tried it and did not think it would work, but I have been very pleasantly surprised. Feedback from clients is that they prefer it. Clients are more relaxed in their own homes or wherever they chose to be for their session. Remote sessions also save travelling time and costs. Switching to remote sessions has enabled me to engage with clients worldwide including Australia, America, Europe and the Middle East. I have no plan to return to face to face therapy at the moment.

Online and Telephone
There are a number of options that work well and allow us to interact virtually:

  • FaceTime

  • WhatsApp

  • Zoom

  • Skype

  • Phone

CBT for You is here for you

I am aware this is a tremendously difficult period, and that flexibility may be crucial for you in finding the support that you need. I will work with your needs wherever possible and in ways that can adapt as your circumstances change. Please contact me with any questions or queries by email, the web contact form on this site, or phone. 

I would like to offer you my kindest regards and best wishes in this unprecedented time.

Dr Jane Ross.