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BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist (040639)

CBT For You, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, AB51 5QQ



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 What I am doing to minimise the impact of the current COVID-19 crisis...

I am acutely aware of the impact that this current health crisis can have on people and I would like to assure everyone that I am dedicated to supported them through their therapy during these difficult times.  I am continuing to offer my best in practice CBT therapy services to all who need them, both existing clients and people reaching out to me for support for the first time.  My working arrangements have been updated to provide a range of options that will ensure your therapy sessions continue so that you can realise the benefits within minimal physical interaction where preferred.


The CBT for You Therapy Room

In line with current public health guidance, I continue to operate my clinical practice at the CBT for You therapy room in Inverurie with an enhanced programme of cleaning (before and after each client).  A process of hand cleaning before and after sessions has been implemented with physical distancing and all shared surfaces cleansed between clients.  I continue to keep my current arrangements under review and will adapt to all new advice from Health Protection Scotland.  As a very low traffic and zero contact environment, I feel it is important to maintain the opportunity to attend in person for any client who wishes until public health guidance indicates I should cease doing so.

Of course, I ask any client who is unwell or experiencing any symptoms not to attend my therapy room in line with current advice.

Online and Telephone


If you prefer to secure your therapy remotely, I am delighted to offer a number of options that will allow us to interact remotely.

  • Telephone

  • Skype

  • FaceTime

I have a number of clients who have already implemented remote therapy processes and these have been working well, not to mention you will save on the travel time when not attending the CBT for You therapy room in person.  Please contact me to discuss your preferred remote therapy method and we can arrange all the details necessary to proceed.

Note, I am happy to discuss the identification of a safe (or key) word that can be used to indicate where privacy has been compromised at the client’s side when conversing remotely.  We don’t all have the luxury of guaranteed privacy when working through these difficult and highly personal issues.   


CBT for You is here for you


I am aware this is a tremendously difficult period, and that flexibility may be crucial for you in finding the support that you need.  I will work with your needs wherever possible and in ways that can adapt as your circumstances change.  Please contact me with any questions or queries, by phone, email or the web contact form on this site.  


I would like to offer you my kindest regards and best wishes in this unprecedented time.

Dr Jane Ross