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“When I first started speaking with Jane in early 2021 I was broken. I was 46 stone, suicidal, depressed, anxiety ridden, and my imposter syndrome had never been so high. Jane welcomed me with a nurturing yet professionally reassuring approach that instantly put me at ease and comfortable in sharing my inner issues I was reluctant to face. In the first few sessions it got easier and easier to start addressing my issues and put plans in place in how we could work in helping me overcome them. When I started unloading the burden I had been carrying and I felt I could face the person in the mirror again, I felt my shoulder loosen and my sense of overcoming doom deplete.
I ended up staying under Janes duty of care for over 2 years, towards the end it was purely maintenance and a chance to stop and lay out the puzzle pieces again. I felt stopping to take stock a massive benefit for both my mental health and daily living. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Jane I wouldn’t be sitting here today 24 stone lighter, 2 work promotions later, anxiety free and self-belief the highest it ever has been. Big journeys start with small steps and I am glad I chose to take my first step with Jane.”


JL, Aberdeenshire



"When I first reached out to you, I worried so much that my unhelpful thinking was going to ruin my wedding experience and my life in general, that I was always going to be miserable and that my anxieties were always going to hold me back. Without a single doubt, if I hadn’t had CBT with you I would never have applied for a post in social work, let alone managed 7 months of the job! I don’t think I would have enjoyed the wedding planning experience half as much either and the doubts would have eaten me up. 

I feel like CBT has made me a better person, friend, partner, social worker, etc. I think it’s also made me a bit kinder to myself and to other people. I don’t feel so negative and down like I constantly did, and I find that I allow happiness in a lot more these days.

I know that this doesn’t mean that I now never have negative thoughts or unhelpful thought patterns or stressful times, but I feel so much more able to cope with these or shrug them off now. I still have a lot of work to do, but I don’t necessarily feel like I need to continue with CBT session to do it (because I have learned techniques during our sessions that I can now use when I need to).

It’ll definitely feel a bit sad and scary to finish up with CBT as it’s been part of my life for a while-But it’s just amazing to see the difference that time has made, my husband always says he sees such a difference in me.

I just wanted to let you know how I was feeling about the therapy.

Thank you so much Jane, you’ve made such a big difference to my life ❤️"

ID, Aberdeenshire


"I had limited understanding of CBT when I started sessions with Dr Ross – little did I know it would change my life for the better!

I had been suffering from anxiety, which I thought might be related to peri-menopause. Dr Ross took me through the sessions and explained how anxiety worked, the symptoms and how to deal with it. I also wasn’t aware I had been following a negative thought path –  this was highlighted through the sessions. And I’d been having intrusive thoughts - which I’d didn’t understand and was scared to talk about. Dr Ross gently coaxed these out of me and provided reassurance that I wasn’t alone and that these could be managed. Dr Ross was very professional throughout all the sessions – it was apparent she had a vast amount of knowledge and experience of the subjects - she had a canny way of knowing what was wrong with me, before I knew myself!
The CBT was fantastic and really helped me to understand the small steps that could be taken to change the way you think. The benefit this had was almost immediate. We also used the latter sessions to cover EMDR (again something I’d never heard of) but this was instrumental in dealing with a trauma, that I was unable to think about without being gripped with fear. 
Since finishing CBT and EMDR I have felt much calmer in my life, I have space to think in my head and feel I have obtained a toolbox of life skills to help me deal with anything that comes my way. The anxiety is gone – and I feel if it was to raise it’s head again, I’d know how to deal with it. I feel at peace with my previous trauma, and actually think of it in a much warmer way, rather than being frozen with fear. I, 100% believe this is down to the dedication, compassion and effort put in by Dr Ross – of which I’m truly grateful. I’d have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr Ross – in fact I think everyone should see her in their life!"

LR, Aberdeenshire


"When I engaged in CBT with Dr Ross I was in a very dark place in my life. I had been diagnosed with depression and at the time I was living in London and working in a corporate setting. Work anxiety and corporate burnout had taken their toll and I was in desperate need of some tools and practical support to manage my situation. To put this in perspective, I was on sick leave for 4 months.   

As with many young people in their late twenties, the reality of life can sometimes hit us hard when we come out of university bright-eyed with all the best intentions of ‘working our way up’ the ladder. While I was doing well, I didn’t anticipate the damage that work pressure, exhaustive hours and pressure from the top would have on me and I became dangerous to myself, which put enormous pressure on my friends and family. 

I was recommended Dr Ross by Bupa and I can truthfully say that doing CBT with her has been the best decision and process I’ve ever been through in my life. I now have the tools to manage stress levels when they flare up and I’ve been inspired to think about other options in life. I’ve had several CBT therapists and none of them have been as effective, professional or genuine as Dr Ross. She is an absolute pleasure to ‘work with’ and has a calming authenticity about her and real passion for her clients’ wellbeing. I couldn’t recommend her more and I’d be delighted to speak with anyone who would like some more information. (Contact Dr Ross for my email address)."

HF, Aberdeenshire


"I have suffered with quite severe post infectious IBS for a number of years now. Unfortunately, the anxiety that often accompanies IBS had started to creep into every corner of my life, to the point I would avoid events and situations which might leave me without access to the toilet. Following a chance meeting with ‘Dr Google’ I read a testimonial about CBT and the impact it can have on IBS anxiety.

In my quest to ‘get better’ I reached out to Jane about setting up a session to explore this thing called CBT. Six months later, I am so glad I made that move. Jane is fantastic, Jane made me feel at ease from day one and worked with me through my anxieties, one step at a time. 

CBT requires you to jump in with both feet, commit to the process and take a look at yourself from an outside perspective. I know that can sound scary on the face of it, but it’s actually one of the best things I have done to get to know me. Jane was a brilliant guide, mentor and friend to go on such a journey. While I still have work to do, this process has changed my life in a many ways, I can now be me again and I would have no reservations about recommending Jane and CBT to anyone with anxiety or similar challenges."


JS, Aberdeen


"CBT with Dr Ross enabled me to be the person I always wanted to be."


ML, Aberdeen


"I came to Dr Ross at the lowest point in my life-I really saw no way forward. I had my first CBT session.


Jane was very thorough at evaluating what had happened and looking into the reasons I thought the way I did. The initial sessions particularly were often tough and a real revelation to me about my thoughts and beliefs that had developed over my life. Jane was very good at helping me to open up. Jane then helped me to use exercises and techniques to manage the way I thought and find a way of identifying any unhelpful thoughts and ultimately looking at things in a much more positive and useful way.


I cannot recommend CBT and Jane enough, she has without a doubt improved my life."


MB, Aberdeenshire


"How I have benefited from CBT...

I had no knowledge of CBT until when working offshore a medic suggested the therapy for myself. He explained how it had helped him and it appealed to me as it was explained to me that it can stop you fixating on a negative thought and instead concentrate on life’s priorities.


I had been depressed and severely anxious for a while and was full of very poisonous, debilitating thoughts and crushing fear, so much that at times I had lost touch with reality and caused me to disassociate from family and friends. I had previously sought professional help elsewhere to help me understand why I had lost touch with reality and why I was depressed and anxious, but this was medication based and it never managed to remove my negative thoughts and fears.


My first impression of Dr Jane Ross was of real confidence as after initially hearing my issues, she assured me that what I had was very treatable and that she could help me to overcome my anxiety, low mood and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). After some sessions of CBT, I left feeling like I had been hypnotised (I hadn’t!) and would leave feeling very positive and would look forward to my next session. We used lots of techniques which were tailored to meet my individual needs. Some of these techniques used by Dr Ross during the sessions included:


Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD was used for situations I had found traumatic and which had left me confused and extremely anxious in the past. This proved extremely helpful and was great to desensitise and to normalise situations that I’d been trying to avoid thinking about as I’d found them so distressing. My distress, as expected, was high initially but continued to reduce at each session.  For the first time, I can now think about and talk about the events with no distress.

Discussing my past and identifying and challenging negative or traumatic situations, which did take a while in exposing due to my feelings of guilt and embarrassment.

Identifying, understanding and pinpointing symptoms of anxiety. On one session I became physically shaken due to what we were about to discuss, even though this was in a safe environment but it was very educational how easy it would be for me to become very anxious. Dr Ross educated me on the physiology of anxiety and how to control my symptoms of anxiety and panic in a quick and effective manner which enabled me to feel that I am taking control.

Initially I found some symptoms of unhelpful thinking extremely hard to discuss as they made me confused and embarrassed, but Dr Ross explained all the different ways of negative thinking that can become habit if never challenged. These included:

Negative filter - we discussed why this happens when we are solely looking for evidence to substantiate a negative belief. This negative belief can be challenged and eliminated.

Mind reading - I realised that I was often thinking that I knew what others were thinking about me when in fact I had no evidence of this. Learning that opinions of ourselves by either ourselves or others was exactly that, opinion and not factual

Personalising - being hypersensitive to certain situations, either words spoken or individual actions and believing they were all aimed at me personally, I learnt how to look for the evidence to support this and would find that there was no evidence!

Procrastination - I had become very indecisive and would often refrain from taken actions as I felt confused on correct actions to take as well as being unsure of exactly what had occurred!  We discussed my thinking processes and as I come to the end of my treatment sessions I have gradually become more positive, proactive and motivated to take charge of my life."


SC, Aberdeen


"CBT with Dr Ross helped me tremendously. It’s helped me be aware of my thought process and what are and what are not unhelpful thoughts. It has opened the door to understanding why I do what I do and act in the way I do. CBT has helped me address and change my behaviour for the better."


MM, Aberdeenshire


"When I first came along for therapy with Dr Ross I had increasing anxiety, I was avoiding people, isolating myself, and I had physical symptoms of anxiety and poor concentration. I had gone through a very difficult situation which had adversely affected me. 

During therapy we used various strategies to address my anxiety and PTSD which enabled me to take a step back and to learn not to look at things with my anxious mind, but to look at things with a healthier perspective. Dr Ross helped me to understand me (why I act in a certain way) and why I do things, so that I can then learn how to combat that and implement coping strategies -which help. I am now more able to put things in perspective. I have a more balanced mind now. I am now also more able to offer help to others. Also, relaxation techniques helped me to know how to go to a relaxing place when things were getting too much for me. Therapy with Dr Ross has helped me to socialise more and to be less concerned about the past difficult situation. I am also less concerned about being judged by others now.  I have more energy and I am now hopeful-instead of hopeless. Now feel like I can have a normal life."


KJ, Aberdeen


"I had been through a few life changing issues in my life and had a lot of built up frustration and anger.  After working in the oil industry for decades, working as a doorman and being in the Territorial Army, I wasn’t really somebody who thought they needed help to deal with feelings and emotions. When my family tried to discuss the way I was feeling I shut them down. I had been diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and never really accepted support or dealt with the aftermath of going through cancer. This was followed by the death of my father and then by a stroke. Things in general didn’t feel right and I felt lost and extremely anxious. I was then diagnosed with PTSD and had high levels of anxiety accompanied by depression. My GP and wife suggested that I try CBT. I had never heard of CBT, the GP pointed me in the direction of the internet, where I accessed self-evaluation programmes on Tayside Health Boards website and reviewed different types of therapy and available support. After looking at all the information I sent a few emails and I managed to arrange an introductory session with Dr Ross. I found this action in its self extremely hard as I like to feel in control and I felt very vulnerable putting myself in a position where I would feel exposed. After the first session with Dr Ross she agreed to help me. Through further sessions it became apparent that much of where I was, related to childhood and my upbringing. Dr Ross explained that to progress with the future I had to revisit the past and retrain my brain to enable progress and change. Due to the sessions I received from Dr Ross I can now say I am in a much better place and probably the best place I have ever been. I cannot recommend Dr Ross enough she has without a doubt enabled me to improve my overall wellbeing and giving me my life back and for this I am eternally grateful."


AE, Aberdeenshire


I" was referred to Jane through BUPA after suffering a relapse with Anxiety and Depression. I had lost all interest in my hobbies, was afraid to be alone and felt trapped. I was at the lowest I had ever felt when I started CBT with Jane.  From the first initial assessments and early sessions Jane tailored a series of worksheets and methods to help me try and ease my levels of anxiety, depression and OCD.

CBT requires a level of dedication and commitment to get the most out of it, and doing homework between sessions.  I found the drive to do this

1. because I wanted to enjoy my life and get better and

2. the effort and enthusiasm Jane gave to help me.  


I will continue to apply the things Jane has taught me for the rest of my life. Jane made the therapy sessions something that I looked forward to going to every week, she was a brilliant guide and such a lovely friendly person. She has helped me get my life back on track. Again, I cannot thank you enough for your help.  I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with you and will miss my Tuesday at 9 o’clock appointments. You were brilliant and such a lovely friendly person."

AM, Aberdeenshire


"CBT has helped me so much over the last couple of months. I can hardly believe the improvement I have made using the tools and modules I have learned through this type of therapy. I have previously tried counselling and had 5 or 6 sessions which I felt was not working for me at all. Looking back, I actually think it often made me worse and would sometimes come away with more worries than I had going in to my appointment. I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere with the problems I was having.


CBT has helped me look at problems/negative thinking in a different way and shown me how to get through my negative thoughts and anxiety. One of the things that has really stuck with me is I have learned that your feelings are often determined by the significance you place on your thoughts and how much you believe your thoughts to be true. CBT has taught me how to challenge my thoughts and analyse them in a much more positive way. I was at a point where I thought my feelings and negative thoughts would never go away and that I would always feel the way I had been feeling.


Now with the help of CBT, support from my family and my own determination to get through this difficult time, I am so much more relaxed ad happy compared to how I was before I started therapy. Now I know how to deal with my thoughts and feelings before it gets to a point where I feel helpless and distressed.


I would genuinely recommend CBT treatment to anyone facing difficulties with their thoughts/behaviour/depression/anxiety. It allows you to not only talk about your darkest thoughts and feelings but actually gives you the tools to work through them and challenge them rather than just ‘talking it out’.


I am so glad I decided to change from counselling to CBT as I genuinely believe it has been the reason I have gotten as far as I have and where I am today. I feel like the old me is coming back-the happy, bubbly, full of life person I normally am."


SB, Aberdeenshire


"CBT with Dr Ross has enabled me to recognise my unhelpful behaviours. Before, when I would react to things, I would see it as my reality. I am almost my own therapist now. I am now able to recognise the signs of anxiety coming on and now I will take steps to challenge it. It has definitely changed my mindset-I am much more positive and calmer. I can take a step back from it now-before, it used to take over. I didn’t recognise it. I thought it was just my normal. I didn’t recognise how anxious a person I was. I have found CBT very therapeutic in helping me identify my unhelpful ways of thinking and to challenge them and to understand my physical symptoms of anxiety and to find ways to deal with this.

I also have perfectionistic tendencies and CBT helped me to be less judgemental of myself. Although I can come across as confident, and I did have a lot of self love, I had a great fear of being hurt or abandoned. CBT has enabled me to be more open especially in my relationships. It has made me be able to put my feelings into words. I still find it difficult to take compliments but I’m working on it. Until this, I have never been able to expose myself to people-now I can. I am easier to communicate with and definitely less angry and less irritable. I am more relaxed now. I didn’t come into this thinking that I would completely change, but I am very happy with what I have achieved. I definitely have more better days than bad days now. I used to think that I could deal with everything on my own and I had a fear of opening up to someone else. I am surprised at how easy it felt to open up to Dr Ross and to be open with things because I am not that kind of person. I sometimes wondered how some things in CBT would help-but they did! I am now able to recognise symptoms of anxiety early and use the coping strategies that I learnt in sessions.

I have got back my self confidence and this has made me realise that I can make things happen. Before, I was completely overwhelmed-now I am excited about all the changes I am making in my life for the better. Thank you so much!"

LR, Aberdeen


"I had a very positive and highly professional service with Jane. She listened to all problems and concerns I had and addressed them by giving me techniques and advice to use in day to day life to help tackle the issues I was facing. Her kind approach and manner really helped me throughout the treatment and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for support."


KN, Aberdeenshire


"I was not in a good place when I came along to see Jane. I had been struggling for years with PTSD, anxiety and depression. It was having a huge impact on my life making it difficult for me to cope with everyday situations. Since undertaking the CBT for trauma‐using the prolonged exposure to go over the event that was causing me so much difficulty, I have noticed a huge difference. I am back to work and feel so much better. My family have noticed that I am like a different person. I am so much happier and can now enjoy time with them and feel that life is worth living. CBT has made such a difference to my life and I feel 100% better. Thank you."

IC, Aberdeen


"I would be happy to recommend Jane to anyone. She provides a very open, nurturing environment. She is non-judgemental and there was no disapproval. I never had to watch my words. It is a very trusting environment. It is a safe place and it has been a genuine pleasure coming to the clinic to see Jane. She really made me think by the questions she asked which in turn would lead me to ask more questions of myself. It has been a journey of discovery. I hope you continue to help others as you have helped me." 

EL, Aberdeenshire


"I feel the sessions with Dr Ross were excellent. She made me feel at ease. She is very kind and listened. I found all the treatment modules and notes really helpful. I managed to confide in her about a traumatic event which had happened years ago that I’d never been able to talk to anyone about. I had worried about it so much that I had buried it so deep. On top of that I had lost a parent and never really gave myself time to grieve for this because of the other event. I was so traumatised about the event that it took me to a really dark place and I got worse and worse. When we stated the therapy for PTSD I didn’t see how it would work‐but it did. When we talked about it and it all came to light, it felt as if it was not a dark horrible thing anymore. I have always been good at helping others but not myself. Now I am more compassionate to myself and I am no longer concerned about how others see me or about feeling guilty in front of others. I am more comfortable in conversations with others now. I classed Jane as a friend. I would always leave a session feeling good. CBT with Jane has made such a difference and I would recommend her to anyone."

KY, Aberdeenshire


"It’s been very worthwhile. It’s almost funny that I hadn’t asked myself before “why am I doing this?”. I was quite blind. At the sessions Dr Ross helped me to question my ways of thinking and why I was behaving the way I did. I was quite blind. I had no idea I was a perfectionist-but I really am! It is very work related. Since our CBT sessions I now find myself smiling and saying to myself “come on!” and I try to finish the job quicker. I am a perfectionist when things need to be at a high standard-so that I get praise and recognition for it-so that people see what I have done as amazing. I feel the need for praise at work. I am so shocked that I am a perfectionist.  I have always been prone to getting angry but now that I understand and know why-I can sit back and reflect on things and process them. Because of our sessions I now know why I was getting so angry and out of control. Before I would have got frustrated about lots of situations and got angry. Now, I smile to myself when I realise what I am doing. I am so much more understanding and chilled.  Jane, I hope you realise what you do for people. It’s been amazing. Thank you so much."


HN, Aberdeenshire


"Last week I belly laughed for the first time in months. I managed to reduce my excessive cleaning drastically. I now realise that nothing happened-the world did not end. My god! Now when I wake up I am not anxious! Having to do the cleaning all the time was making me grumpy and anxious. I thought I was coming for CBT sessions to look at my panic attacks but now because of CBT I see that perfectionism and cleaning were bigger issues causing the panic. Other people have noticed that I am less worried and less troubled and no longer daunted by the day to come and by thinking about how much I have to do-Now I think “oh well” and there is not a strong need to HAVE to do things (otherwise I will feel terrible about myself) or that the world will not end just because I didn’t clean something and I have proved to myself that I can do this. I’ve never been able to accept help because I always thought that I would do better-now I accept help especially from my husband when it is offered. I say ‘Yes please!” I used to say that everything was great-when it wasn’t, and I didn’t want to admit how I felt. Now I realise that anxiety is very common, and I feel reassured that I am not broken. The perfectionism work that we have been doing in the sessions absolutely relates to me. Previously I would have believed that it was all my fault that I am perfectionistic because I want people to like me and to be my friend. Now I understand there are external factors that are not my fault. I no longer obsess about workouts and weight. I just do what I can and don’t feel bad if I don’t achieve 5 workouts per week. I am really chuffed with how therapy with Dr Ross has helped me. Thank you!"

AP, Aberdeenshire


"I would definitely say that CBT has been helpful in terms of recognising unhelpful thoughts and being able to work though those. Also the breathing technique I was shown has been most helpful. I am now more aware of trying to be more assertive and not letting things lie that I would have before. I am now a bit kinder to myself as well after doing the self-compassion modules. I recently did something well at work and for the first time I was able to recognise that I did well. It was a good feeling and I gave myself a pat on the pack. Also in my relationship at home I am making more of an effort to speak about things at the time instead of keeping it to myself and letting it build up. Now we communicate better and are more open with each other. CBT has been really helpful comparing how I feel now with how I felt before treatment. There is a major difference. It is up to me now to keep implementing what I have learnt. Thank you!"


DE, Aberdeenshire


"When I first came for CBT sessions everything was out of control. I was anxious, stressed and preoccupied with an incident that had been troubling me for many years. It was having a big impact on me and was affecting my sleep and concentration. It was making me very unhappy. This was resolved really quickly by the treatment for PTSD. It dealt with the issue. I do still have thoughts about it but now it’s just a thing that happened in the past. It’s dealt with. I was a bit sceptical at first but quickly realised that the therapy was going to be effective. Now I am less anxious, and my mood is much better. I am much more able to cope now- I feel much more in control in letting my upset out in difficult situations. I am coping much better at work with a difficult colleague-trying not to take things personally. I see it as her problem-not mine. I have more insight and I catch myself. I have a self talk now which I listen to- “I am doing the best that I can”. I now recognise that external factors can influence my thoughts and I’ve cut down on social media and the news. I’m much more proactive and I’m now deciding what I want to influence me now and prefer music and pod casts. Jane, I do hope you realise just how much you help people. It’s made a massive difference to me. Thank you."

GD, Aberdeenshire


"I had counselling before CBT and I saw counselling as a reassuring set of ears. Whilst counselling helped me a bit, it identified that I needed more than that-I needed CBT to help me move on. CBT has given me some practical tools to help me for the long term. I’d been on antidepressants before but they alone did not help me enough and I became depressed again as I did not have the tools then that I do now. I can now handle things and react practically. I definitely feel more confident within myself. I can now challenge my negative thoughts and soften them. I’ve also done all the experiments relating to self criticism and I am now much kinder to myself. Regarding my perfectionism I believe it is good to have some perfectionistic traits but to manage a balance and to reduce some of my traits so that I have more time to spend on things that are important in my life. It was good to find out the difference between OCD and perfectionism. It was also helpful to understand more about fragile narcissism and how I was putting all my eggs in one basket and measuring how I viewed myself depending on the standards that I had set for myself to achieve. I now apply this at work with others and this helps to put things in perspective. In my role I have to prioritise what is most important and how to manage this better. I had done a fair bit of research and reading on CBT prior to the sessions. The sessions with Jane reaffirmed what I had already researched and helped me to see how to put this into practice in the workplace and at home. I have reduced my perfectionism and self criticism and I am now better at time management. I feel so much better. Thank you."


BP, Aberdeenshire


"I first met with Dr Jane Ross for CBT during an episode of depression & anxiety which was having a major impact on my daily life. I felt trapped. I really liked Jane, she was easy to talk to and also very kind and supportive. She listened to me and helped me to identify what was needed to improve my condition. Jane helped me to challenge unhelpful thoughts and feelings and to notice how these were making me feel. I enjoyed the sessions and felt that I was responding to them very quickly. I am amazed at the difference CBT with Jane has made for me.  Jane has helped me to understand myself better and I now feel much happier, more confident and more productive in my day-to-day life. She has also given me hope that I can manage my mental health better from now on and this is very important to me.  I am so glad I made contact with Jane for CBT and would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much."

AM, Aberdeenshire


"CBT with Jane has made such a difference already (Session 5). I wish I’d done it years ago. This has been a real eye opener for me. I am so much less anxious and able to challenge the unhelpful ways that I’ve been thinking for years. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you!"


HE, Aberdeen


"Now that I have started CBT with Dr Ross I am no longer hopeless and depressed. Instead I now feel so positive and hopeful about the rest of my life. 

Forever, I felt like a ship stuck in the ocean - now, I can see land.

Dr Ross is giving me the tools to enable me to be in control of how I think, feel and consequently behave. Thank you."

KM, Aberdeenshire


"CBT with Dr Ross has been life changing - I couldn’t have got to this point by myself. It used to be like a black box - everything I did upset me and everyone else. Now it’s not like that - I no longer feel that I have to worry about every little thing. My mind is clear. I actually am looking forward to things to do as I am no longer focused on all this minutia I previously thought was important. I have always been so critical of myself and this would bring me down. I used to be so shouty and angry and I don’t know how my partner put up with me. I couldn’t live with me and I really don’t know how he did. Every day I would overreact and ruin everything. I didn’t know how to stop myself. I looked online and I didn’t know how to do it myself - CBT with Jane was so much more structured and in steps. I can’t say how much this has helped me! Previously I’d try by myself and it wouldn’t work and I’d go into a slump and feel worse - I’d feel awful get angry and overthink. I have now learnt so many techniques and tricks to use so that I don’t go back to that point again. I used to imagine that everything that I did would have a negative or catastrophic effect. Now I know that’s not true and that I can change that. It has been so so helpful - really good. I was desperate as I was ruining my relationship with my partner. Thank you, thank you so much. I wholeheartedly recommend it. I’d never thought about being nice to myself or of being self-compassionate. I have learnt how to be as nice to myself as I am to others and this has helped me feel so much better. Medication that I’d tried previously did not help nearly as much as CBT has. Everyone should do CBT! There is so much in here (CBT techniques) that would help everyone in their day-to-day life. I am SO glad I did it! THANK YOU!!"


PO, Aberdeenshire


"Hi Jane, I hope this email finds you well!

I just wanted to get in touch to let you know how things were going- I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since my last appointment!

Family life is great- My relationship with my daughter is so much better and she is thriving at school. I couldn’t be prouder- she is exceeding her level in all areas. We even managed to navigate home schooling which was intense but it hasn’t done either of us any long term damage. Our relationship has been less fiery lately and we enjoy each other’s company. We try and have together time every day where it is just us, no phones, tablets etc. I am also trying to focus on one thing rather than the to-do list in my head! She is growing up to be a really kind and caring girl. My husband and I are getting on great now. I feel like I am a good Mum and wife these days ❤️.

I would say my relationship with my Mum has changed. I am speaking my mind a lot more and have found my voice, challenging her and standing my ground rather than giving in all the time. I’m not sure she knows how to take it but we are getting there.

Work is still a bit of a soap opera- but I have been assertive when needed and told people when I don’t have capacity. I find some days I am in back to back meetings so for a while I was working evenings but that has now stopped as I wouldn’t be working in an office until that time so why am I doing that at home??!!

My food/ healthy anxiety still exists but I have found the thought diary really helps with this. Our work has given me the confidence to bring the rational voice out of me and if that doesn’t work, I have certain things like jigsaws or colouring with my daughter to distract me until the symptoms pass.

My health and fitness is also in a good place- I no longer track calories and like to keep the goals simple like drink my water, get my steps in. I signed up to a virtual walking challenge this year to get more active. I still do my weekly Clubbercise but only do the max workouts 2 days a week- none of this I want to do 21 workouts a week nonsense! It was never achievable!! I also got my Covid vaccine at the beginning of the month- I was terrified but on the day itself, I felt calm (having worked it through in my mind) and it went without a hitch and I felt so proud of myself.

I would call myself a work in progress but the fact I am striving for that rather than perfection speaks volumes in terms of how far I have come. I still give myself a hard time but definitely not as much as before and I make sure I have time for myself on my flex Friday to watch a movie or read a book which is bliss. This is before I start the cleaning which now takes max 2 hours every other Friday rather than the whole weekend every weekend!

I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me Jane- it has been liberating. We worked through so much stuff together and I feel like I understand myself so much better. You showed me that I had options/ choices and that there was more to life than how much I worked, how much I put others first or my endless to-do lists. I feel more confident and relaxed than I have in a long time. 

Thank you!"


HE, Aberdeenshire


"At the start of the year I was given the dreadful news that I am at risk of redundancy. Everyone handles things differently but I resorted to worry and panic slipping back into severe Anxiety and Depression. After having the very helpful experience of being treated by Dr Jane Ross before I did not hesitate in contacting Jane to help me.


Seeing Dr Ross on a weekly basis along with putting in the hard work in between the sessions to complete the thought records to challenge my unhelpful thoughts was really helpful. We also worked on a variety of material to help me with self-criticism, perfectionism and OCD.


Due to COVID restrictions the sessions were carried out virtually, and in my opinion are as effective as face to face sessions.


Now that I have come to the end of my sessions, I feel a much more confident person with a more positive outlook on my future.  I will really miss the sessions with Dr Ross as she is such a lovely person who makes you feel at ease no matter what I had on my mind.  If I were to win the lottery I would employ Jane as my own personal Mindfulness Coach and Therapist.


I hope you find the above paragraph a compliment to your wonderful ability. I will miss not seeing you but I find it a huge comfort knowing that you are there if I need you."


AM, Aberdeenshire


"Following an ongoing struggle with mental illness throughout my life, I was recommended Jane by my psychiatrist who I’d been referred to after visiting my GP. Before embarking on the work with Jane, I never realised how ill I actually was. My mental health struggles stem from a history of having low self worth, feeling insecure about myself and being easily triggered in certain situations. This was directly as a result of adverse childhood experiences which extended to verbal and physical abuse at the hands of my parents. I carried so many suppressed emotions and feelings which negatively impacted not only the relationship with myself but also the relationship with others. I hit rock bottom when the relationship with my wife failed. 


The therapy with Jane used a combination of CBT and Schema therapy which itself was particularly triggering. Having had a history of self harm and suicide ideation, I felt myself going down this path again. However, through ongoing support, I was able to face my inner demons and go on a journey to reframe my mind and develop a deeper level of self awareness. I no longer feel the need to self harm. I accepted that I was a fragile narcissist and began to own my story. This allowed me to really instigate positive changes. 


I also developed a compassion for learning and self discovery. Jane was extremely supportive, held space for me and allowed me to share. I was able to pick up some valuable tools, tips and advice on how I can change my life. I now lead a better life and I'm now in a much happier place. 


Thank you-It’s been quite a journey."


PJ, Aberdeenshire


"You have changed my life tremendously Jane and I will miss you so much! I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you have done for me. I appreciate it more than words can say. 


Wishing you well as always."


MS, Aberdeenshire


"I’ve spent all my life thinking that I am not good enough and not as good as other people. I even believed that I would never be good enough for any man and that my family would never accept any partner that I chose. I now see that all this was completely untrue!


With CBT with Dr Ross you work through things and explore how your brain is working and processing things. She enables you to see that your unhelpful view is without basis and helps you to find ways to challenge this way of thinking and to come up with a different and better way to see things. I now recognise how negative my thoughts were. Therapy with Dr Ross feels like a personalised way of dealing with your thoughts -that there is a different way to view things! When I first went to see a GP many years ago about my mental health I was just prescribed antidepressants and I didn’t believe in the GP or the medication. But this is how GPs work-they only have time to prescribe.


CBT with Jane was tailored to me and looking back I can see that it gave me the tools to change. CBT Has really helped me and it has a lasting effect. Initially I was not convinced that it would work-but it did and now I recommend it to everyone. I often tell colleagues and patients how CBT really helps and I am happy to admit that I have a therapist who has changed my life. It is challenging and over the last few months I have looked forward to each session-it feels very positive and I always feel better after each session.


It is good to do this remotely-it has worked really well. Although I wanted face to face at first, I quickly began to see that by using remote therapy that I am in the comfort of my own home, not in a therapy room and I feel more at ease. I fell that this actually enabled me to be more open and honest.


I am now in such a good place. I am happy and confident in myself and feel ready to live my life to the full.  Thank you!"

MH, London

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